Our project comprise in on modern industrial site that will collect ”Laid Up Ships” from around the world based on our business logistics, and process all in one site, rather than present manual ships scrap demolition that pull ships ashore, cut in size by 1m x1m, than resale to other trades until reaching a Furnace for melting.

The main purpose of our institution is promoting overseas development and acquisition of strategically important natural resources to Japan and maintaining and improving the international competitiveness of Japanese industries. Integrated Industry Inc./DE/US offer "Integrated Steel Plant", patented technology for ships scrap recycling, that will change the manual ships scrap demolition process a hazardous, pollutant, unsafe working conditions, affect environment, every year over 500 fatalities.

Project consists on Dry Dock, EAF, Steel Mill, CO-Generation on site, and Shipyard for new build vs old trade in and general cargo services all in one site that create over 15000 jobs. Estimated project value $475Mill/USD. We are a startup INC. company. Final products are semi/finish steel products used (Billets) in Steel Mills, and finish steel products for oil and gas, mining, industrial infrastructures, civil construction and by products.




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